Je Suis Un Rockstar?

For Harry – the preso was going particularly well. Now it was time to present the conclusions.

Last summer I read the autobiography of rock guitarist Slash (Guns’n’Roses) with a very specific frame of reference. I was conscious that many researchers, locally, and world-wide like to bill themselves as rock stars of research. Ye Gods! If being a rock star means living anywhere near 10% of what Slash got up to (the drug intake of a mid-sized hospital) then being a rock star needs to come with a health warning. Could you – even metaphorically – stand up at the end of a particularly good presentation and strip naked and play an awesome guitar solo as an encore. I just don’t think most of us researchers are wired that way – and while I love what musicians do (they make our lives much, much richer) I’m not sure we need go to them to borrow our look. Nevertheless, here’s an article with Rock Star and Analyst in the title. Good advice, though I’m not sure I could fill a stadium if I took it.

8 principles that can make you an analytics rock star.

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