About me

DSC_0954Malcolm Gladwell suggested that anyone who spends 10,000 hours practicing something, gets to be pretty expert.  Well, since 1993 I have spent at least 54,000 working hours in market research and I continue to find the profession fascinating.

And peers think I’m pretty good. I’ve won numerous best paper awards at our Research Association conferences (including 5 in a row) and I’ve been elected as a Life Member of the Research Association and Fellow of the Association.  (The first to be bestowed that title.)

My name is Duncan Stuart. My company’s name is Kudos. I’m a senior researcher, quite outspoken, and feel that market research as a profession is moving too slowly in its quest to remain relevant, incisive, and good value for customers and clients who now work in an environment where Big data, social media, text analytics and other phenomena totally challenge the classic approaches of  Market Research.

So this website/blog is about where my thoughts are heading after 54,000 hours; and what I’ve learned. These pages also focus on a few passionate areas of the research landscape. Reputation Research, Choice Modeling and Text Analysis.

Thanks for visiting. If you wish to contact me – well here I am. My email: duncan@kudos-dynamics.com.


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