Reputation Measurement

Athens 2004 - Opening Ceremony
From success to tragedy. Reputation is a very fluid thing and simple measures provide no predictive insight about how at risk your reputation may be.

There are plenty of people who talk about reputation management, but few who can really measure reputation realistically, that is, assessing not only how strong or weak the current reputation is, but how easily it could be damaged. This comes down to measuring factors that seldom appear in reputation discussion:

  • Not just how good is your reputation, but how twitchy is the context?  (Don’t just assess the figure skater – be sure also to measure the thickness of the ice.)
  • How reframeable are your reputation strengths. How easily a positive asset might be reframed. For example  “successful!” might easily be flipped into reading: “arrogant!”
  • How forgivable are you? A place with a clear and honorable mission may be more forgivable than a place that is relatively faceless. Nike is an example. It may have a great reputation, but if they do make a reputational slip perhaps their lack of face and lack or narrative would slow down their recovery.
  • How much does it even matter? In some sectors, reputation is everything. In other sectors, frankly, it doesn’t make too much difference.

I can measure these things very closely and deliver a rich diagnosis and clear prognosis about how to better protect and manage your reputation – no matter what size of entity we are talking about. I use a range of tools including sentiment analysis software to provide you and your organisation with guidance.

Let’s talk.


A few blogs on reputation. Abercrombie & FitchAaron Gilmore. The lost art of apologies.

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