Text Analytics

What do you do with all your verbal feedback? Many organisations do nothing because they feel text is “too hard” to deal with. Not so!

These days a major proportion of staff, stakeholder or customer feedback comes in the form of text. Whether you are scanning social media to discover what people are saying about you and your organisation, or  asking directly for verbatim feedback: the words will contain rich, nuanced data.

I’ve been using computer assisted text analysis softwares since 1998 and combine my knowledge of analysis, my writer’s understanding of words and their nuances, as well as my knowledge of the subject matter (your business) to get a lot more out of this data than can be achieved by typical research companies. Here are three ways I achieve this:

  • Richer coding of text. Manual coding tends to put all answers within less than 10 thematic buckets. That’s very blunt. A bit like asking an “out of 10” type of question on a 3-point scale.
  • Network analysis – looking not just at the frequency of words or ideas (how many talked about price?) but at the relationship between ideas (people who talked about price often mentioned ‘poor service.’) so that you get a richer picture of what is going on.
  • Export back into the main database. Text data can be integrated back into the “stats” of your survey data so we can look at the correlations between what they talk about, and how they numerically rate your organisation. We enable the words to talk with your numbers.

I’ve helped small organisations crunch staff survey feedback, and I’ve assisted really large organisations (banks) to establish their text-based listening systems.

IT people don’t get it. Many quants don’t get it. But I do.

Contact me:  64-9 366 0620

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